The best all-around tv streaming service is Hulu Plus, followed closely by Netflix and then Amazon Prime, according to data from

What makes it better?

There are several factors that FindtheBest integrates into it’s “Smart Rating” but among them are number of tv shows and movies, PC mag ratings, cost and included networks.

However, if you are looking for a specific show or feature in your tv streaming service, you may want to dig deeper than simply the best all around option. You may even want to use more than one service.

Each tv streaming service has different features and gives you access to different content.

The Cheapest Service

Finding the cheapest service for you is a little more complicated than a bottom line price. For one thing, Hulu has a free option, but you may not get access to all of the shows you want.

Overall, however, the cheapest tv streaming option is Amazon Prime. The yearly cost is $79 compared to the two next cheapest options, Hulu Plus and Netflix, both $95 a year.

Granted, that cost is calculated at 10 rentals per month. If you only want 5 rentals per month, Netflix is the cheaper option at $40 per year.

The Service with the Most TV Show Episodes

Hulu Plus again takes the cake for the most TV show episodes with around 29,000. What’s surprising is that in second place is the free Hulu with 25,000 episodes. So even without paying for anything Hulu gives you a broader selection of episodes than all the other services.

Whether you’ll like the episodes they give you for free is yet to be seen…

The Service with the Most Movies

The widest selection of movies goes to VUDU, by a long shot. VUDU has 17,000 movies compared to runner up iTunes with only 3,500. If you’re more of a movie buff or you’re looking for some obscure movies, VUDU is definitely where you’ll want to look.

The Worst Service

And finally, the absolute worst online tv and movie streaming service award goes to…Best Buy owned, CinemaNow. How do you sell the worst streaming service in the industry? You package it up with SmartTV’s that aren’t actually very smart and sell it to people who don’t know any better in your store.


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