One of the easiest and potentially cheapest ways to cut the cord on your cable company is simply to have a strict budget and watch everything you need on rented DVDs. You may not even need to pay for internet. The three easiest ways to rent DVDs these days is through Netflix, RedBox, and/or your local library. But given the library is free, even Netflix and RedBox prices are both extremely reasonable compared to a monthly cable bill.

But the best part about this method of replacing cable is that it requires zero technical knowledge. If you know enough to put a DVD into a DVD player and hit play, then you know enough to replace cable with DVDs.

Plus, if you’re not a heavy internet user, you could potentially get a cheap internet plan (through FreedomPop for example) and not have to deal with your cable company ever again.

Of course, the real question is, are the attractive NetFlix and RedBox prices for DVD rentals really attractive enough to ditch all of my cable programming? And what would I really lose if I were to replace cable with DVDs?

To help answer that question, we made the comparison chart below…



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