Get Everything You Need to Know to Cut Cable

TV used to be simple. You turned it on, flipped to your favorite channel, and relaxed while you watched whatever was on. Besides buying the TV itself, it was also pretty cheap. You just got some rabbit ears (or made them) and watched the few channels that came in through the airwaves.

Things have changed.

The Internet has cracked open a Pandora’s Box of new opportunities for home entertainment. And traditional media companies are struggling to stay in control of it all.

The result is a nebulous cloud of buzzwords, hype, and shape-shifting companies all trying to take advantage of the sudden changes and confuse you into buying their products.

And chances are you’re completely overwhelmed by it all.

  • Smart TVs
  • Hulu
  • Roku
  • XBMC
  • HDMI inputs
  • HTPC setups

It’s a completely different language and you’re probably desperate for a translator.

But here’s the thing…

TV is still TV. You don’t need to know all the latest developments and buzzwords. All you want to do is answer a simple question…

What is the best way to watch my TV shows (and movies) in the 21st century?

JustPlainTV is my attempt to help you answer this fundamental question.

By the way, just to clarify, when I say “the best way” what I generally mean is “the way that saves you the most time and money,” NOT the “newest, flashiest, most cutting-edge way.”

Whether you’re disenchanted with your cable bill, tired of satellite, or simply interested in how to make your home entertainment better, JustPlainTV will help you cut through all the marketing clutter we’re being buried in and find your ideal home entertainment set up.

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