This 3-Minute Scene Definitively Proves that Dr. Who is the Greatest Show Ever

For better or worse, TV is one of the the primary ways our culture examines itself. So when a seemingly benign piece of TV writing helps us process what it means to live, it’s a treasure.

I was browsing Reddit recently when I came across this post on /r/television. Now, up until I read this post, I was a marginal fan of Dr. Who. I understood what it was and how it worked. I even appreciated it. But I had really only seen a handful of episodes, and I wasn’t ready to put it into the ranks of the greatest TV shows of all time.  But this scene and one comment on Reddit in particular changed all that. The writing for the scene is incredible.

Now, I could comment further on this scene. But I couldn’t have done it better than Reddit user /u/thisnakedlunch whose comment makes this scene 300% better.

Here is the follow up scene that /u/thisnakedlunch mentions:

According to Wikipedia, Richard Curtis, the primary writer for the episode, “put up prints of Van Gogh paintings around the house as well as a board with index cards outlining the plot. His children helped him come up with some ideas.”

Moral: if you want to create a transcendent television moment, just ask a kid for advice.

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