DIY TV Antenna plans abound on the internet. Most of them are variations on the original Gray-Hoverman design. And while it has proven to be very effective in many instances, it lacks a certain cool-factor. And really, cool-factor is what you should be shopping for in an antenna anyway. Mainly because most antennas work pretty well across the board.

To that end, here are 5 of the coolest DIY TV antenna plans we found. Just click on the images to see the plans…

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DIY TV Antenna Plan #1: Painting Canvas

This one not only looks nice on the wall, but you could probably paint something nice on the canvas to make it look even cooler.

paint canvas diy antenna
Source: Reddit User FluffyBunnyPuncher

DIY Antenna Plan #2: Soda Can

If you have a soda can and some wire lying around, this might be your best bet.

soda can tv antenna

DIY Antenna Plan #3: Satellite Dish

In a classic case of tragic irony, this antenna builder used his old satellite dish to help him get rid of his satellite company.

satellite dish tv antenna
Source: Josh Zastrow

DIY Antenna Plan #4: Paper

Turns out you can make antennas out of anything. Even paper in this case…

paper tv antenna
Source: Techorator

DIY Antenna Plan #5: Mohu Leaf Decorated

This one isn’t truly a home-built antenna, but it is a DIY project. It’s essentially a Mohu Leaf that has been made pretty. And it’s cool. Which is why it’s on this list.

pretty cord antenna
Source: Reddit user buddybiter

And there you have it. The 5 coolest DIY TV antennas. Period.

Know of any others? Let us know in the comments…


  1. I want to see the best outdoor antenna that is both TV and cell signal booster. I understand they are different frequencies, so it will be cool to see what people have done.


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