The Ultimate Collection of Vegeta-Inspired Fan Art

127+ Vegeta Creations From The Fans Who Love Him


#41 Vegeta Plushie

He’s a plushie with a scowl, but this Vegeta fan art is here to keep you company, and to give you angry Saiyan hugs.

#42 Vegeta with Bra

vegeta with bra

Everyone’s excited to see Vegeta interact with his daughter Bra. He didn’t do so well the first time with Trunks, but artist アメ (and the entire fandom) believes that the second time is the charm.

#43 Vegeta vs the Hulk


Vegeta is never one to step down from a challenge. He’ll go toe-to-toe with anyone – even the Hulk.

#44 DBZ: Vegeta and Bulma – Well Trained


Vegeta and Bulma? It was a pairing no one – not even Vegeta, himself – saw coming, but we ship it. Artist longlovevegeta makes it a mission to create fan art comics of Vegeta and Bulma’s relationship – stories we never knew we needed until now.

#45 All the way to the enemy

vegeta and friends

Katsukake’s fan art captures an epic and heart-warming moment – Vegeta facing down an unseen enemy together with his fellow Saiyans. For far too long, Vegeta has been fighting battles all on his own. As a prince, he carries the burden of having witnessed the genocide of his people. Now, he stands triumphant, and surrounded by allies.

#46 Psychedelic

The final copy of this Vegeta poster is in itself a fantastic work of art, but we are equally just as mesmerized with the progression gif that Tumblr artist svenfromoz shared. It’s an added treat to see fan art come to life.

#47 Bishounen


A bishounen Vegeta. It works. We’re not complaining.

#48 Vegeta tattoos

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Fan art not intimate enough? Ink Vegeta on your skin, and find yourself more awesome by over 9000! This clever Vegeta tattoo gives Reddit user decomush the ability to do a Final Flash attack. Well, sort of.

#49 Vega-chuuu!


When Pikachu chooses to cosplay you, you know you’ve got it made.

#50 All Transformations


Who’s your favourite Vegeta? Majin Vegeta? Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta? Great Ape Vegeta? Why choose when you can have them all in one awesome fan art?

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