What happens when you mix Dragon Ball Z with a symphony orchestra? A spectacular auditory and visual experience that will make grown men sing in public.

The Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure, performed by the Sinfonia Pop Orchestra, is a symphonic concert celebrating the music of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. The concert is a live performance of Dragon Ball Z songs as well as background and theme music to some of the show’s most iconic fights and moments in front of thousands of fans.

Dragon Ball Z would not be the legendary show that it is without its music. Music is a big part of the Dragon Ball Z experience as its soundtrack, composed and arranged by Shunsuke Kikuchi, is a perfect complement to the no-guts-no-glory attitude of the show.

Imagine watching Dragon Ball Z without the epic strains of Cha-la Head Cha-la, Makafushigi Adventure, and We Gotta Power to amp things up during opening titles? As much as we were riveted by the characters, the stories, and of course, the action and fights on screen, music added a layer of drama and anticipation that built up the legendary status of the show. Singing Dragon Ball Z songs in the shower was half the battle.

By itself, the Dragon Ball Z soundtrack is amazing. Years after its original run, anime enthusiasts can still drop the words to these original songs with gusto.

But, when you add to it the grandiosity and full power of an orchestra, then the gloves are off.

As you can see, Dragon Ball Z music on symphony is on a whole different level of spectacular. The Sinfonia Pop Orchestra, conducted by Constantin Rouits, elevates the original soundtrack to new heights. It helps that Dragon Ball Z’s music lends itself so perfectly for the drama and flair of symphonic orchestra.


It’s also a great treat for fans to see and hear Hiroki Takahashi, singer to the original Dragon Ball songs, appear as guest honor and belt out the songs live. We ask ourselves, how can one resist singing along to Cha-la Head Cha-la? The answer – you can’t.

Not only does the show put out amazing music, it also brings back many fond memories of great Saiyan battles. Unique, powerful, and just so much darned fun, this live show is a great way for old and new fans to experience Dragon Ball Z in all its glory.

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