Starting a Dragon Ball Z action figures collection is surprisingly daunting. There’s a lot to take in. Most of the market for them is in Japan and there’s a huge lack of information on what is really out there and which manufacturers are legitimate.

This is not a complete list (for now). It’s a list of our favorites that are also legitimately licensed by Bandai on Amazon. Every action figure below is done by a company called S.H. Figuarts. They are by far the highest quality manufacturer of officially licensed Dragon Ball Z action figures. The detail and quality of their figures are simply stunning.

While there are several other, lower-quality manufacturers, (like Irwin or Jakks for instance) if you’re starting a collection, S.H. Figuarts is generally where you begin.

So without further ado, here’ our top 12 DBZ action figures in order of staff preference.

#12 Tien

Tien Shinhan is arguably the most underrated DBZ character of all time. As a descendent of the Three-eyed people, he’s amazingly strong for an earthling not of Saiyan descent. We’ve reviewed 11 of Tien’s best action figures here. But the best one you can find on Amazon here.

#11 Bulma

The beautiful Bulma. S.H. Figuarts captures her perfectly in their Tamashii Nations figure. We love the perfect quality, the articulation everything about her outfit. Smart, sexy and ready for action, this Bulma action figure is perfect for anyone starting their DBZ action figure collection.

#10 Perfect Cell

S.H. Figuarts apparently released a somewhat dull-colored Perfect Cell and then re released a higher quality version. This is that higher-quality version with more vibrant colors. The kamehameha pose and accessories is our favorite part of this figure.

You can find the premium color Perfect Cell on Amazon here.

#9 Future Trunks

Like Perfect Cell, the company also released a lower quality color edition of Future Trunks. This is the updated color version of Trunks. This is an amazing figure. The only reported problem with it according to a few forums is the hand popping off when in the “grabbing-my-sword-to-cut-you-in-half” pose. The solution is to unbutton the lower strap of the sword to let the handle move closer to the hand.

You can find the premium color SSJ Trunks on Amazon here.

#8 Beerus

We love Beerus. Not much to mention here other than his neutral face could use a little more emotion. Overall, though, amazing figure. Well worth it. You can find Beerus on Amazon here.

#7 Piccolo

Crossed arms are by far the best pose here. Piccolo, we love you but you need to lighten up. Chill with Gohan some more.

You can find Piccolo on Amazon here.

#6 Vegeta

There are several Vegeta figures made by S.H. Figuarts. But this one is our favorite. There’s something about the original evil Vegeta that will always dig at our heartstrings. It’s OVER 9000!

You can find Vegeta on Amazon here.

#5 Frieza Final Form

Frieza topped our list of DBZ villians for a reason. He’s by far the most interesting villain in the series for his depth of character and sheer capacity for evil. We love the finger beam pose the best, but he’s ice-cold in every pose.

You can find Frieza’s Final Form on Amazon here.

#4 Android 18

Android 18. Wife of Krillin. Super hottie. What else… Oh yeah, she’s deadly. The ‘I’m-casually-coming-at-you-to-seduce-you-slash-kill-you’ pose is probably the best one. But with eyes like that, who’s counting?

You can find Android 18 on Amazon here.

#3 SSJ Gohan

When Gohan was a badass. Need we say more? 

You can find SSJ Gohan on Amazon here. You can also find our roundup of more Gohan action figures here.

#2 Krillin

Krillin is for some reason the most expensive action figure on this list. It’s because he’s essentially out of print and there are a limited number of copies lying around. His distructo disc pose more than makes up for the cost though. What more could you want in a very small human?

You can find Krillin on Amazon here. Also, we reviewed the top 7 Krillin action figures here.

#1 SSJ Goku

Here he is. Everyone’s favorite Goku. Defeater of Frieza. Super Saiyan Level One. Completely amazing craftsmanship here. If you’re going to start somewhere, start here.

You can find Goku on Amazon here.

We’re planning to add a lot more to this list, so check back here often, but in the mean-time, hope you have enough to get started. Let us know if you’ve got a favorite in the comments. 🙂

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