Patriotic TV Shows to Binge Watch This Weekend

Hot dogs, hamburgers and Budweiser are great, but you can celebrate America this weekend without ever leaving your couch. Some might even argue that makes you more American. Here are five shows you can binge watch this weekend that will make you salute the television screen: 1. Parks and Recreation (Netflix)  Parks and Rec is #1, just like […]

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[Video] Seth Meyers and Leslie Jones Watched ‘Game of Thrones’ Together, and it’s Hilarious

By Courtney Eckerle / June 27, 2016

[youtube] Normally, someone talking during Game of Thrones is them asking for Cersei Lannister-levels of retribution. But not when it’s Saturday Night Live‘s Leslie Jones. Jones and Seth Meyers watching the “Battle of the Bastards” episode for a Late Night called “Game of Jones” takes the casual activity of television watching up to a performance level. Winter is here […]

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